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How our hosting works

Simple Scalable Managed Web Solutions

We prioritize your needs first and try to simplify the process as much as possible.

The first step is as simple as getting in contact with us; After a few meetings we start development and from that point on its relatively hands off for you* (as much as possible) to keep your focus where it should be, creating your content!

Once we establish a design for you, the team will provision the following Ready-To-Go Websolution instances for you which includes:
+ WordPress ✍🏿
+ In-depth Metrics, Analytics and SEO out-of-the-box
+ Email Collection Landing Pages πŸ–Ό
& we have many more Ready-To-Go Websolutions coming soon!πŸ‘€

WebStore/E-commerce 🏷 :
+ The WordPress we provision comes with e-commerce functionality built-in; this allows you to immediately start selling your products and services

Premium Performance Web Solutions

With our state of the art severs, support, and our use of prevaling web protocols with our web solutions; we can offer you the most reliable, industry standard web service and solution to you and your potential audience.

We make it our highest priority to ensure that your content is delivered in the most optimal way to you and your audience

IsNowGlobal In-depth Metrics and AnalyticsπŸ“Š

You will recieve a weekly detailed in-depth look into your metrics & analytics reports to help with your brand's growth πŸ“₯πŸ“ˆ

All of This Managed in the IsNowGlobal Analytics Dashboard with social media integration built in, to allow you to track the growth of all your domains and Websolutions πŸ–₯

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Our Amazing Clients and Designs

These are some of our recent clients, we love building these designs for our clients! Reach out & you could be our next great design!

WebSolutions We Offer!

These are some of the tools we can use to build and scaleyour idea
what we offer
what we offer

Hosted Web Solutions Pricing

Pre-Paid Hosting

$ ***/mo

The team will provision the following Ready-To-Go Websolution instances for you:

WordPress ✍🏿

Email Collection Landing Pages πŸ–Ό

Many more Ready-To-Go Websolutions coming soon!πŸ‘€

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Premium Web Design

$ **** We Offer Premium Custom Web Design For Brands

If You Would Like A More Premium Look For Your Brands New Site, Our In-house Design Team Can Design And Launch A Preimum Front Facing Solution Built To Your Specification! Please Reach Out For More Details

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Why Choose Us

From the start IsNowGlobal was creatd to help anyone who wanted build the amazing ideas they have. we work with you to figure out the best situtation to set you up with

With the many different types of managed web services and soltuions we offer, we will find a solution perfectly tailored to you!

Whether you are looking to redesign the landing page for your luxury wrist watch band company or scaling up the servers for your growing mobile application we have the tools and solutions to help you reach the next level

Reliable Web Services and Solutions

We use the most secure and scalable tool to build our services and solutions; providing you peace of mind when it comes to realiability and scalability of your websolution

Premium Web Design

Whether you decide to use our in-house design team to build you a custom website, pick from our many pre-made ready to go wordpress themes, we will always build and deliver the most modern & responsive designs to you

Full DNS Control

Whether you choose us as your DNS provider, we will still gladly work with all current domain name disitributors and will transfer over DNS records on the clients behalf

Technical Services

We offer both supportive and techinal services, these include: website migration, in-depth analytics and metrics reports & live technical suppourt(*if included in package).

we are always expanding our service offerings;
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Secure and Reliable

Our skilled security team ensures that your data and content is always safe and secure with the most up to date security measures and protocols

99.99% Uptime & Support

We Provide all clients the stabilty and security of a 99.99% uptime for all thier web services and solutions.